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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 8 reviews
        Melody Van Beek

        Everything worked perfectly

        Taylor Grant
        Great for our aisle decor

        Perfect size and looked great.

        Melissa Caffrey
        Makes Everything Super Easy

        I've loved every step of working with Flower Moxie, and this kit was exactly what we needed to allow self/friends/family to make flower magic happen. Thanks for making everything so simple and straightforward.

        I do recommend still getting some extra shears, the flower stripper things (wow - you can have a whole stripper team going ;) in addition to the arrangers...). Go team!

        Maura Balog
        How do you use the silicone nubby thing?

        Hey, got the kit, looking forward to using it soon. I believe the silicone nubby thing is meant to be used for stripping foliage off stems, but not sure if it would get caught on rose thorns??
        I’d like to be rid of thorns before arranging! I watched Abigail’s flower unboxing, flower prep video but she used a rubber palmed garden glove to strip stems. I have plenty of those but thorns still stick me through them!
        Thanks for your input and link to video of how to use your silicone thorn stripper!

        Can’t recommend enough!!!!

        We are without a doubt not DIY-savvy but we shot our shot and purchased the small Golden Hour package for our 50 guest outdoor wedding. We made two bouquets, 7 boutonnières, 27 bud vase centerpieces, 2 aisle chair arrangements, and had plentyyyyy leftover to make several more arrangements to place around the venue and really fill things out. Air cargo pickup was super easy and there was even another couple picking up an order at the same time for their daughter’s wedding!! What are the chances!! Everyone said how beautiful our flowers were and honestly we had a lot of fun putting it all together. My husband and I did most of it ourselves (he did such a great job) and get to add that memory to the story of our wedding day!