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        Design Master Floral Spray Paint

        All About Design Master Floral Spray Paint

        Design Master Floral Spray Paint delivers crisp, consistent color in an ultra-fine mist. It is quick-drying and made for fresh flowers, in addition to all other applications. Buy Design Master to create a unique color palette or keep it on hand for color correction! Fresh flowers can vary in shade so it makes for a great 'insurance' to control your DIY Wedding's color story! DIY Flower Supply offers a variety of different colors of Design Master Floral Spray Paint, so you are sure to find the best color for your needs!

        Design Master Floral Spray Paint Color Options

        If you are in need of a specific color, check out our Design Master Floral Spray Paint color options! We have a variety of colors available in this paint, so you are sure to find the best one for your project!

        • Neutrals: Ivory, Honeycomb, Clay
        • Bold: Cranberry, Holiday Red, Bright Blue
        • Boho: Herbal, Red Clay, Peachy
        • Metallics: Antique Gold, Copper, Brilliant Silver
        • Pastels: Blue Sky, Heather-ish, Blush
        • Rainbow: Holiday Red, Coral, Honeycomb, Herbal, French Blue, Fuchsia, Lavender

        Whatever color you are needing, we have the selection for you! From pastels to brights to metallics - feel free to be creative and choose your favorites!

        Design Master Floral Spray Paint Tips & Tricks

        Design Master floral spray paint is very easy to use. Simply shake the can well and then hold it about 6-8" inches away from the surface you are painting. For best results, apply several light coats of paint rather than one heavy coat. Allow the paint to dry completely between each coat.

        Use Design Master Floral Spray Paint on… Just about anything! This paint works great on fresh flowers, artificial flowers, ribbon, fabric, paper, wood, and more!

        Our favorite uses for Design Master Floral Spray Paint:

        • Color-correcting flowers when they aren't the color we expect
        • Bringing a fun color in the DIY wedding mix like antique gold or teal blue by spraying greenery! (leatherleaf fern works like magic!)
        • Brightening up a Pink Carnation when we want it to be bright pink instead of light pink - easy peasy!
        • Creating a monochromatic look by balancing out the colors of your flowers using Design Master Floral Spray Paint
        • Adding bright and unexpected colors to bouquets for a pop of fun!

        We can not wait to see all of the creative ways you use your Design Master Floral Spray Paint! The options are endless, so have fun with it!

        Get Creative with Design Master Floral Spray Paint

        There are so many possibilities when it comes to using Design Master floral spray paint. Get creative and use it on just about anything! We love seeing how our customers use this paint to add a pop of color to their weddings and events.

        Tag us in your photos on Instagram (@flowermoxie) so we can see your wonderful ideas come to life!