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        What supplies do I need?


        All the supplies you need are outlined in this PDF OR via this video.

        Supply Guidance

        We have a convenient supply worksheet for you to download and print. Get it here.

        How many buckets should I buy?

        Take this quiz to find out how many buckets/trash cans you need.

        Do you sell buckets?

        We do not currently sell buckets for your flower prep. We love cheap, plastic bathroom trash cans from Walmart or the dollar store.

        Can I buy my flowers from you?

        Yes! We sell flowers for DIY wedding at our sister site Flower Moxie. Visit us at


        How soon do I need to order supplies to arrive in time for my wedding?

        We need at least 5-7 business days before your event date to receive the order and get it shipped to you. Please leave your event date for us at checkout. If we cannot get your supplies to you before your event, we will cancel your order and issue a refund.

        How quickly can I get my supply order?

        Supplies are shipped FedEx Ground or USPS. All supply orders are sent immediately to the warehouse to be fulfilled. We will notify you as soon as your supply order ships, and will also let you know if a particular item is backordered. We just launched supplies in February 2021, so please be patient while we figure out the ins and outs of supply availability.  Naturally, due to COVID, product has been a bit trickier to source.

        Do you offer expedited shipping?

        Yes! For a flat $25 fee, regardless of total purchase price, we can expedite your order. This means it will ship within 24 hrs Monday-Friday and will get priority over other orders. It will also be shipped via FedEx 2Day so you should have your order approx. 3 business days after you place it. This shipping option is available at checkout.

        What is the shipping fee for supplies?

        For all supply orders under $50, we have a $10 shipping fee.  All supply orders above $50 have free shipping!


        General Questions

        What happens if a supply item or dried flowers is on backorder or unavailable after I purchase?

        We will offer an alternative/substitution or simply refund you for the item, it will be your choice!  Due to COVID, imported product has been more difficult to obtain.

        Why do you sell plastic vases instead of glass or metal?

        We feel that plastic is the most cost efficient choice plus plastic is easily paintable for the ultimate customization! Plus the lightweight plastic vases save you money on shipping and they won't break in transit like glass could.

        Refund, Cancellations, and Returns

        View our terms and conditions here.