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        About DIY Flower Supply

        DIY Flower Supply is owned and operated by the gals of Flower Moxie and exists to make your DIY wedding flower planning a cinch. We have a combined 25+ years of experience in the wedding industry and we've seen a LOT. Through our shared experiences, we've hand selected the absolute best supplies you need to make your floral dreams a reality. No muss, no fuss. Only the things you actually need to do the damn thing.

        About Flower Moxie

        Flower Moxie remains a humble, tucked-away small business run by six clever women out of Oklahoma City. We don’t zoom around on scooters in some fancy high-rise. We stock an average kitchen with canned wine and Aldi chips, and listen to true crime podcasts while photographing curvy ranunculus. Join us. There’s cake, hugs, and acceptance here.